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Cleaning 101 - Tips from a Cleaning Business in Amarillo

We understand that cleaning can be a feat and that commercial cleaning services can’t always be there to clean your space on call. As a cleaning business in Amarillo, we have picked up a few things over the years that can help when you are trying to maintain cleaning sanity until the next time you hire a service.

Create a System – According to an article in Popular Mechanics, Debbie Sardone, speed cleaning expert and maid service owner says that “cutting your [cleaning] time in half starts with a system. That means cleaning your house in the same order every time: Working one room at a time, starting and finishing at the same spot in a room so that you don't waste time running back and forth.” You can always creating a checklist that will help with this!

Start with the hardest job first – Typically, you have the most energy when you begin cleaning so start with the hardest job first. When you use your energy on a space that needs elbow grease, you will do a better job than if you were to save it for later!

Watch the Order – When cleaning, it is always best to clean top to bottom in order to save time and effort. If you dust the bottom blind first and move up, the dust will fall onto your newly cleaned blinds and you will have to redundantly tidy up a space.

Clean a little bit daily – A good rule of thumb is to clean a little bit daily – this way you won’t be as overwhelmed and let things pile up.

Cleaning Tips – There are some awesome cleaning tips you can get from websites. A few we have seen are pillow case for dusting ceiling fans, using rubber gloves to pick up fur, and more. Check out some more ideas here.

Treat stains and clean spills immediately- If you let stains and spills sit, they are harder to clean. Stains are already stubborn enough, don’t make it harder on yourself by not cleaning them up right away!

These are just a few many tips and tricks to use for efficient cleaning. If you have any more questions, contact us. As a cleaning business in Amarillo, we want to do everything we can to help you whether we do business with you or not!