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How to Care for Hardwood Floors

As a company that provides commercial cleaning services, we understand the importance of hardwood floor care. To prolong your floor’s lifespan, here are some tips on how to care for hardwood floors.

1. Clean regularly: Making sure you have a consistent cleaning schedule of sweeping and mopping is integral regarding hardwood floor care. Create a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. Rule of thumb: Dust/Sweep daily if possible and Mop weekly.

2. Avoid walking on with heels: Hardwood floors are easily scratched so being aware of what shoes you or your employees are wearing is helpful. Avoid walking on hardwood floors in heels to prevent unnecessary scratching.

3. Wipe up things immediately: This tip pairs nicely with the first one. If you leave a spilled liquid on your floor, eventually it will harden or become sticky. Don’t let it just sit there. If you don’t clean now, you will have more work to do later. Having a stubborn stain will cause you to use more force when you clean and that puts your floor at risk of damage.

4. Avoid harsh cleaning products: Harsh cleaning products can strip your hardwood floor. Avoid anything with incredibly harsh chemicals.

5. Don’t drag anything: Be cautious of the way you move items across your office floor. Whether you are pushing back a chair or moving a desk, be sure to pick up the furniture as not to drag it and create irreversible damage.

6. Buy a rug: Dusting and sweeping will keep your floors looking new, but rugs work to prolong your hardwood floors lifespan because it functions as a protective layer. Consider purchasing a decorative, yet practical rug.

7.Buy felt floor protectors: Felt floor protectors are placed on the bottom of your furniture to prevent damage to your floor. These are a great preventative measure and you can find them almost anywhere.

8. Hire professional commercial cleaning services: At Amerikleen Janitorial, we have years of experience with quality floor care. Be sure to have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned by a commercial cleaning service to ensure quality cleaning.

If you are looking for someone to clean your business’s hardwood floors or need any other commercial cleaning services, give us a call today!