Janitorial Services

Amarillo Lawn Mowing

When you think of Amerikleen, don’t just think of our quality inside services. While we offer the best janitorial service in the Amarillo area, we also take care of the exterior needs of many of our customer’s facilities with quality lawn care. Our lawn mowing service in Amarillo carries the same top-quality commitment you know from our janitorial service.

Quality Service

Quality lawn service is more than just running a mower over the weeds. Our lawn mowing experts take care of your entire yard with mowing, edging, weed control, and parking lot cleanup. With the best in lawn equipment and an eye for detail, your building will look better than ever. We use the same management principles you know from the janitorial side with a customized lawn care plan and attentive supervisor ensuring a quality job done right.

Affordable Rates

Mowing is a service that can vary widely in price from a couple of bucks to the kid down the street to thousands from a fancy crew with a nice truck wrap. We strive to manage our expenses to keep our costs low. That allows us to provide a high quality service at an affordable rate. Since we know that no two mowing jobs are the same, we customize each job to fit your needs and the season. We want to earn your business and do the best job at a reasonable rate.

There When You Need Us

Some of our mowing customers need weekly service while some might only need help twice a year. We strive to provide what you need on your schedule. Since we custom build your mowing plan to fit your needs, we can service your location as frequently as needed. When you sign up for a regular service plan, you can rest assured that the outside of your building will look as great as the inside.

If we can help you with the best lawn service in Amarillo, get in touch today. We will come out and make a plan for your mowing and janitorial needs.