Janitorial Services

Basic Tools Your Janitorial Service Uses

As a professional, it is difficult to tackle any job without the right tools
It is difficult to tackle any job without the right tools. A good long-term solution that will keep your facility in pristine condition is using excellent quality supplies and equipment. A well-stocked cleaning closet is an essential element to any janitorial service.

Basic List of Office Cleaning Tools

Here is our starting inventory list of cleaning solutions/tools for optimum cleaning efficiency:

  • All Purpose Cleaner and Glass Cleaner – These two are essentials because you can’t clean without cleaning solution!
  • Microfiber Cloth – Microfiber cloths, unlike cotton, leave no lint behind. They are the perfect tool to have in any cleaning collection.
  • Toilet Brush – Having a specific brush for your toilet helps prevent germs from spreading.
  • Extendable Duster – With an extendable duster, the janitorial service can reach every possible space that needs cleaning.
  • Vacuum – The brilliant thing about vacuums is that they work for both hard and soft surfaces which makes it an essential appliance to have in your office cleaning closet.
  • Microfiber mop – Mopping is an important part of the cleaning process. It makes your space look squeaky clean.
  • Bucket – Instead of using the sink, using a bucket is the best option to hold water. This office cleaning tool makes it easier to tackle floors!
  • Broom and Dust Pan - This is a great option to have on hand if your vacuum isn’t picking up what it needs to.
  • Rubber Gloves – Rubber gloves are an incredibly valuable tool in order to keep the cleaner safe. Rubber gloves help prevent skin irritation and other issues especially when using acid-based products.
  • Sponges

Professional Office Cleaning
If you make the decision for a professional to clean your office, hire Amerikleen Janitorial service.