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Winter is Coming

You have spent all spring and summer caring for your lawn until it is luscious and green, and now the days are growing shorter and signaling the approach of the cooler months....(read more)

How to prep your lawn for the upcoming winter.

The dog days of summer are officially here, which means the busy fall season is not far behind! Between kids going back to school, sports picking back up, and the tasks of daily life, are you struggling to maintain your lawn?...(read more)

Clean for Security: Clutter Allows for Crime

A cluttered room or environment doesn't just say a lot about your personality, it plays on it. Further, you can be the toast of the town and still be a slouch with your personal space. You'd be amazed at how clutter affects you in negative ways....(read more)

Amerikleen Janitorial Services in Amarillo: Customers Appreciate Cleanliness

Customers appreciate cleanliness. You would be far more comfortable with a clean and neat individual than you would be with a dirty and unorganized person. The same can be said for living spaces, and especially professional environments....(read more)

All You Need to Know About Fall Time Cleaning

Spring is not just the only time of the year it pays to be clean and tidy, cleanliness is an all year round thing and definitely should cut across all the seasons....(read more)

Lawn Care: Landscape, Mowing, and Edging

Although it’s quite important to ensure that your home, office, and building are spick and span on the inside, there is something to be said about making sure your exterior and landscape carries the same, incredible-quality first impression....(read more)

Qualities of a Reliable Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning is a holistic investment. Not only does it help with appearance, but can pay for itself many times over in many unexpected ways. ...(read more)

Basic Tools Your Janitorial Service Uses

As a professional, it is difficult to tackle any job without the right tools It is difficult to tackle any job without the right tools. A good long-term solution that will keep your facility in pristine condition is using excellent quality supplies and equipment....(read more)

Does Your Office Stink?

One of the first things people notice when they walk into an office is the way it smells. Lack of cleaning isn’t the only reason an office can stink. Think about the products you use – even the scented ones can cause as many problems as the actual odors they were created to mask or remove!...(read more)

Amarillo Lawn Mowing

When you think of Amerikleen, don’t just think of our quality inside services. While we offer the best janitorial service in the Amarillo area, we also take care of the exterior needs of many of our customer’s facilities with quality lawn care. ...(read more)

Why You Should Hire Amerikleen in Amarillo

If you run a small business, expenses can add up fast. You only have a few employees, you can handle a little cleaning, right? The truth is that it's important, not only for your customers, but for your employees as well, to keep your business clean and disinfected...(read more)

Cleaning 101

We understand that cleaning can be a feat and that commercial cleaning services can’t always be there to clean your space on call. As a cleaning business in Amarillo, we have picked up a few things over the years that can help when you are trying to maintain cleaning sanity until the next time you hire a service....(read more)

How to Care for Hardwood Floors

As a company that provides commercial cleaning services, we understand the importance of hardwood floor care. To prolong your floor’s lifespan, here are some tips on how to care for hardwood floors....(read more)