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Does Your Office Stink?

One of the first things people notice when they walk into an office is the way it smells. Lack of cleaning isn’t the only reason an office can stink. Think about the products you use – even the scented ones can cause as many problems as the actual odors they were created to mask or remove!

To ensure your business doesn’t run into these issues, choose light and fresh scents like lavender.

So, what are some other stinky culprits that make your office more likely to produce an unpleasant odor?

Caffeine Addiciton?

We all do; however, coffee makers and cups can smell when they have stagnant coffee sitting in them. They are easy to forget when you are multitasking or ready to go home. If you let them sit for too long, they can even produce mold. Be sure to regularly check your desks for old cups filled with cold coffee and clean your coffee pots regularly.

Check Your Desk

Desks are easily cluttered and can store a lot of bacteria and odors. Sticky keys on your computer, spills from eating at your desk, and much more can make your desk the cause of your smelly office.

Regularly Clean Your Office

Whether you have one employee or a constant flow of customers, it’s important to regularly clean your office. This will lessen the chances of a stinky office. Besides a progressive buildup of dust and dirt, plus natural wear and tear, there are countless factors to consider. For one, people bring more than their personal items with them to work. Dirt and sticky liquids on people’s shoes is dragged in and when it layers, it can produce an unhygienic odor. Regularly cleaning will help reduce the buildup.

There are countless reasons your office could stink. These are just a few things to watch for and practice to help keep your office professional, clean, and stink-free!