Janitorial Services

How to prep your lawn for the upcoming winter.

The dog days of summer are officially here, which means the busy fall season is not far behind! Between kids going back to school, sports picking back up, and the tasks of daily life, are you struggling to maintain your lawn? Did the summer sun scorch your grass and leave your previously immaculate lawn looking dead and sad? There is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of help to get your lawn beautiful and tidy – just the way you want it! By hiring Amerikleen Janitorial in Amarillo, Texas, you are able to take a break from worrying and working yourself to the bone, while a professional cleaning service does the work for you!

We are all familiar with the heat and drought summer often brings, accompanied by the awful dirt and wind. The tough weather of West Texas can leave your lawn looking untidy, your flowers or shrubs wind-whipped, and your porch strewn with everything the wind blew in. If you find that your lawn consistently needs more work than you are able to accomplish on your own, Amerikleen Janitorial is here to help! Our skilled team of professional landscapers will clear away branches and other debris, rake leaves, and trim your shrubs so your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether you would consider yourself to have a green thumb or not, or you just want to add some curb appeal to your home to start a new season, Amerikleen Janitorial is happy to work with you for a beautiful lawn at a price and schedule that fits your needs. If your busy schedule leaves no time to keep up an immaculate yard, we work for you and with you!

Amerikleen is locally owned and operated, and we are proud to deliver residential lawn services that go above and beyond! Our team shows up in uniform and in recognizable vehicles on time to ensure that all your needs are met, so call Amerikleen Janitorial in Amarillo, Texas, today! 905-431-7496