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Qualities of a Reliable Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning is a holistic investment. Not only does it help with appearance, but can pay for itself many times over in many unexpected ways. According to an article in CleanLink and a recent blog post, there are a variety of ways that a professional cleaning service provides advantages to the work place:

  • Clean work environments correlate to improved employee health and safety with effective cleaning methods that sterilize your workplace.
  • Cleaning services help preserve and protect carpet, floors, etc. This helps improve the lifespan of office equipment.
  • A clean workspace provides a great first impression and adds value to the company. Make a great first impression with a clean workspace.

Knowing the importance of professional cleaning services is the first step in deciding. The next is understanding the qualities of a reliable cleaning service. So, what are they?

  • Variety of Services - Hire a cleaning service that offers a variety of services, specializing in an array of specialties. Look for services like industrial cleaning, carpet care, hard floor care, remodeling cleanup, etc.
  • Experience – A company’s experience is a crucial factor to consider when hiring a cleaning service. First check their website to see if they have an About Us page that has information. The next step is asking for references to call. Here are a few questions to ask referrals:
      • How satisfied they are with the cleaning company?
      • How quickly they respond to needs or complaints?
      • How long they have been doing business with the cleaning company?
      • How consistent and reliable is their customer service?
  • Equipment – Cleaning services should always have the necessary cleaning equipment to make your workplace spick and span. Here is a basic list of office cleaning tools your professional cleaning service should have.
  • Insurance – Double check to make sure the professional cleaning service you hire is insured. It shows that they take purposeful measures to protect their clients in case something happens.

Naturally, there are many qualities of a reliable cleaning service. But, we have found these qualities helpful in an efficient cleaning service.

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