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Winter is Coming

You have spent all spring and summer caring for your lawn until it is luscious and green, and now the days are growing shorter and signaling the approach of the cooler months. With the dry air and immense heat of summer mostly behind us, September is the perfect time to prep your lawn for the upcoming winter! It can be easy to think that just because the leaves fall off your trees and your grass is no longer green that your lawn is dead and does not need maintenance, but Amerikleen Janitorial has several tips that will ensure your lawn is taken care of in every season, even in the dreary cold of winter!

First, you should maintain your lawn by cutting your grass short: down to an inch or an inch and a half. This will make it easier to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn is an important step to take in order to maintain the health of your grass, and AmeriKleen recommends that you do so on a day when the ground is soft but not wet.To aerate, perforate small holes in your lawn using an aerator. You can typically rent one of these from your local supply store. This allows the grass to breathe and receive water and nutrients it may otherwise not receive.

After you aerate your lawn, you should dress your soil and grass with fertilizer and overseed. This encourages grass growth even during the cold winter months. Throughout the fall months, make sure you are raking to ensure that when spring rolls around, your grass isn’t patchy where it has been choked by dead leaves.

At Amerikleen Janitorial based out of Amarillo, Texas, we believe that the best way to achieve a neat and well-manicured lawn all year long is to take steps to maintain and care for your grass through every season. We would love to help you attain the yard that is the envy of all your neighbors! Call us today for your lawn and landscaping needs.